We're Dying


I got a girl

But she don’t really care about

What we used to be

When I was on her side


Bye bye, you’re really not so high

And in a few days I’ll be fine

‘Cause I can’t stand wasting my time

Waiting for a simple sign


Damn another song about you

But don’t be scared honey

It’s the fucking last one that I do

And I’ll be fine you know

Losing my obsession

My own psychologist

This song and heavy masturbation


We’re dying

We’re dying again


Bang bang, let’s stop this little game

Oh you’re the poor girl that I blame

And it will never be the same

Even if we keep being friend


Yeah I really cared about you

And I loved you

Maybe too much maybe too soon

But I’ll be fine you know

Playing this song with my band

My own psychologist

My computer and my left hand


We’re dying

We’re dying again.